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Milka Collage Fruit 93gMilka Collage Fruit 93g
Moo Local Milka Collage Fruit 93g
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Milka Oreo Sandwich Strawberry Chocolate 92gMilka Oreo Sandwich Strawberry Chocolate 92g
Milka Rice Crispy Chocolate 100gMilka Rice Crispy Chocolate 100g
Milka Whole Hazelnuts Chocolate 100gMilka Whole Hazelnuts Chocolate 100g
Milka Almond Crispy Creme Chocolate 90g
Milka Chips Ahoy Chocolate 100gMilka Chips Ahoy Chocolate 100g
Milka Oreo Brownie 100gMilka Oreo Brownie 100g
Moo Local Milka Oreo Brownie 100g
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Milka Happy Cow Alpine Milk and White Chocolate 100gMilka Happy Cow Alpine Milk and White Chocolate 100g
Milka Strawberry Alpine Milk Chocolate 100gMilka Strawberry Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g
Milka Bubbly Alpine Milk Chocolate 90gMilka Bubbly Alpine Milk Chocolate 90g
Milka Caramel Alpine Milk Chocolate 100gMilka Caramel Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g
Milka Milk Chocolate Oreo 100gMilka Milk Chocolate Oreo 100g
Milka Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 100gMilka Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 100g
Milka White Chocolate 80gMilka White Chocolate 80g
Milka Alpine Milk Chocolate 100gMilka Alpine Milk Chocolate 100g

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